What a Summer

Wow, what a summer. We’re going through the Book of Acts learning about Paul’s perseverance and witnessing the spread of the Gospel throughout Ancient Rome. We watched two Epicenter sessions from Joel Rosenberg and Pastor Chuck Smith.

We’ve baptized 15 people and sewn many more seeds. On September 11th we are going to watch live via Internet Broadband the Inside the Revolution Town Hall meeting being hosted at our sister church Calvary Chapel Philadelphia. I hope you all have seen your faith grow and are looking forward to the future.

Please pray that the Lord would continue to guide us as we seek His will for our Church Body…

– Ryan


Prayer Requests

Please join us in prayer for the following needs:

  • Direction in conducting an outreach in the Greenwood Estates
  • For the Lord to raise up a full time worship leader
  • Direction in starting a nursery and Sunday school to minister to our children
  • Love among the brethren
  • A burden for lost souls in our community and abroad

Laminin? Watch This!!!

Acts 17:5-9 – Upside Down!

Acts 17:5-9

Acts 17:1-9 – So What!

Acrts 17:1-9

Spring Forward March 8th

Please be advised that we will turn the clocks forward the morning of Sunday March 8th. We will meet at our regular time so make sure to turn your clock forward or else you will be late!

Acts 16:6-15

Acts 16:6-15