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Prayer Requests

Please join us in prayer for the following needs:

  • Direction in conducting an outreach in the Greenwood Estates
  • For the Lord to raise up a full time worship leader
  • Direction in starting a nursery and Sunday school to minister to our children
  • Love among the brethren
  • A burden for lost souls in our community and abroad

Tis’ The Season

Hoping that all who were sick today get well soon! We remembered you in prayers today. See you next week. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

– Ryan


Please pray for Joe who had a minor stoke this past week. Keep Bonnie in your prayers as well.

Prayer Request – Kay Duke

Kay Duke has been experiencing pain in her hands and feet.  Please pray that the Lord would heal her pain and comfort her during this time.

Prayer For Abigail

Please pray for Abigail of the Bateman family.  She is in severe pain because of kidney stones.  May the Lord comfort her and heal her.  We will update her condition when we receive news.
Update: Abigail is feeling much better. Thanks for your prayers


Please pray for Elaine Bateman who is not feeling well.  May the Lord return her and Cody to perfect health so they may return to fellowship.

Prayer Request

Sonny and Poppy are sick.  Let’s pray that God heals them and brings them back into fellowship.  We missed you guys today!

Your Church Family