Who is King Lemuel?

The last Chapter in the book of Proverbs begins, “The words of King Lemuel.” Ever heard of him….Probably not! So who is King Lemuel? Well let’s do some investigating. First, Lemuel is no where else named in Scripture. Second, there is no extra-biblical historical data to support that such a King ever reigned in Israel.

So who is Lemuel and why is he given credit for authoring a chapter in the Book of Proverbs?

Though King Lemuel’s identity is not officially known, Jewish tradition holds that King Lemuel is simply a poetic pseudonym for King Solomon. Lemuel in Hebrew means “For God.” Therefore, if true, Proverbs 31:1 may be read “The words of a King for God, the utterance which his mother taught him.”

If indeed Lemuel is Solomon, then the wisdom which is taught in Proverbs 31 was first taught to Solomon by his mother, Bathsheba. She is the women with whom King David committed adultery and whose husband, Uriah the Hittite, was killed in battle at the order of King David, Solomon’s Father.


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