Rolling Hills Community Church

“Change” For An Eternity!


The overwhelming theme leading up to today’s election has been “Change.”  And that is exactly what I saw in the millions of faces whom today made “Change” a reality.  No I am not speaking of political change though that is also evident.  But rather, I witnessed millions of men and women who call this great country their home forcefully change the moral direction of America forever.

No longer is the free exercise of Judeo-Christian beliefs important, no longer are traditional family values important, no longer is the sanctity of marriage and life important. In fact, I have come to grips with the following reality:  I now live in a country where the majority of people do not value what I value, they do not prize what I prize, they do not serve whom I serve, they do not love whom I love, they are not willing to defend what I will defend to the death.

And this holds true for all of us who hold to the belief that this Country was founded by Christian men and women who desired a land where they could freely exercise their devotion unto Christ.  That dream it would seem is quickly fading away!

However, one truth remains constant. Our God is the Alpha (Beginning) and the Omega (End) and He will have the final say.  My “Hope” is not in America, not in its future leader but my hope is firmly anchored in the person and work of Jesus of Nazareth, the son of a carpenter, the Messiah of Israel, the Savior of the World, God in the Flesh.

Tonight one might say, one small step for mankind…one giant leap toward eternity.


Be encouraged…

– Ryan